Zachary's Perspective


I had to get that little rant about Intrøspection in my last post and thought I would make it its own little thing. So, as I was saying:

I took a hard look at all my priorities this week and really sifted through what I wanted to focus on most, and what I was making myself focus on most. In doing this, I have taken a huge step forward in differentiating between what truly makes me happy and what I do out of habit.


Intrøspection does really make me happy. I am damn proud of it, but I realized it is not something I want to focus on 7 days a week (maybe nothing is meant to be focussed on 7 days a week). Light Bulb *ding*.

At my core, at my very center, my desire in life is to be a great source of inspiration for others and to help in the creation of a new world based on humanitarian ideals of universal brotherhood. I have suffered from all kinds of goal confusion this year, but I know that my soul was manifested into this physical life experience to have a positive impact on this world. I am nothing short of certain of that. I know that fact better than anything else in my life right now. So the super cool news is that I have built a life over the past year that actually reflects what I care about most, at a deep soul level! I’ve finally, hopefully finally, actually, maybe, realized the key to all thisis just to make sure I allow myself to stay balanced in all that I am committing to.

I am organizing a Fair Trade Campaign in Iowa City. I am becoming a Yoga Instructor to further my spiritual journey and to dive further into my practice of meditation and mindfulness so I am able to teach others how to incorporate these things into their own lives, in their very own way. I am designing my business to be a platform for ethical consumption and unapologetic self-expression. I am being sure to treat my body kindly; I am doing so by continuing my daily routines and by sticking to a vegan diet. I am digging down deep into the dark spaces of my psyche to truly eradicate any negative behavior (and there is plenty left, trust me). I want to take care of myself so that I am able to pour all of the love possible into literally every person I encounter and so I am able to be healthy for a very long time so I can contribute to our society for as long as possible. Lastly, I chosen to study ethics and public policy, political science, and social justice at the University of Iowa. Slowly but surely, somehow, in so many teeny tiny small ways, over the last year I have created this life that allows me to follow my true desires. In due time, I plan to run for public office this has been my main goal for years. That is a ways down the road, but I am sitting here right now, absolutely in awe at the reality I have deliberately created for myself, that absolutely has brought me closer to having my dreams become a very real thing. I want to teach others how to do this. Every entire soul on this earth deserves to create for themselves what I have created for myself — and I’m not even done yet! It is not easy, and I am blessed to have been in a financial situation that allowed me to make a lot of healthy changes that not everyone will be able to make right away. However, I am still determined to help others find the path that I have found. The more people that find this path, the closer our earth gets to being in true harmony. Yeah, I know I’m a dope, but damn it this is what I believe! We all get a car! Not because Oprah gave us one, but because we all manifested it for ourselves, in our own way! Hmm, maybe I will try to become a motivational speaker of sorts in the meantime. WHO KNOWS!

It feels good to be where I am at. Going forward, I will be using my blog to literally just write about how my life is going, to share my truth with this earth, to keep everyone updated on my projects, and to relentlessly spread awareness of how we can all pitch in to make this beautiful planet earth a better place to exist for a few decades.

The life I was born to live is starting, like, right now. I am watching it happen. It’s kinda spooky to be honest, but boy oh boy am I glad to be living as myself.



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