Zachary's Perspective


As of August 29, 2018 my life looks like this:

  • Running a small vintage clothing shop on Instagram
  • Lead Organizer for Fair Trade Campaigns in Iowa City
    • Also on the Great Lakes Regional Leadership Team for Fair Trade Campaigns
  • Started at the University of Iowa this semester
    • Planning on studying Ethics and Public Policy, Political Science and Minoring in Social Justice
    • Applied to be on Student Government
  • Enrolled in Yoga instructor training
  • Continuing Spiritual and Personal growth
    • Yoga
    • Still a vegan
    • Daily Meditation
    • Daily Affirmations
    • Daily horoscope check-in
    • Devouring tons of self help books and books on occult realms of study
    • Practicing gratitude, loving-kindness, non-reactivity, non-judgemental thought processes, and patience every day

Growing more into myself each and every minute that passes. My life is in flux and I am doing my best to keep up with the Universe!

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