Zachary's Perspective

I made a blog on May 18, 2018.

So, I feel as though my life has been very different compared to others I know. Especially others that are my age. I had a fairly dysfunctional home life growing up, but the kind that seemed totally normal until like a year ago, when I started to, like, feel things. When I was 15 I began a near full time job while being a very involved high school student. After graduating high school, I blew off my first semester of college to heavily pursue that job, which led me to be an 80-hour-per-week workaholic for three years. I slowly began to feel like I was losing control of my life at this point. Inevitably, a breakdown took place and burnout took over.
In October, 2017, I decided I wanted my life to change.

I did not feel I was enjoying my life the way I was intended to.

I felt I had accomplished a lot for my age, but felt almost no sense of true happiness on the inside. Many of us experience this feeling, but I was at a point where I needed to figure out how to be happy.

I could no longer stand the exhaustion, the sadness, or the feelings of being unhealthy.

I decided my cure was going to be mindfulness. The changes I have seen since I made this decision still surprise me everyday. No matter how much I talk about it I cannot hold back the feeling to share with others how dramatically I have changed as a human.

I have changed not only in relation to myself, but to others and our earth as well.

I have developed such a deep sense of gratitude for all aspects of my life, which is something I have never experienced before.

I feel like I actually understand what it means to be empathic towards others.

I have begun to truly feel as though my life is a journey. Some days even feel more like floating than anything else.

I have been craving knowledge about our world, our history, and our culture and I often feel my emotions, thoughts, and opinions about our world spilling out of me at all times. This is what sparked my interest to start this blog.

I am participating in my life in ways I never imagined; I am constantly being inspired.

I am creative in ways I thought did not belong to me.

I wish to use this blog as a way to incorporate mindfulness with my thoughts on various topics, my life thus far, and my current life situations. I want to share how I found comfort in these practices and what things guided me towards this path I am on. I want to share my views on life and inspire others to be gentle with themselves, and in turn, begin to grow in their very own way.

I will also be posting several installments as part of a Gratitude Journal I have begun, appreciating the state of Iowa.

This is me.


Live Simply, Live Concretely, Live Fully – Henry David Thoreau

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